The Griffiths family are delighted to be nominated as a finalist in The Farming Today Farming for the Future Award’ catagory for the BBC Food & Farming Awards 2022.

Dear Food and Farming Awards finalists,

Congratulations again on making it to the final three in this year’s awards. It’s a massive achievement to get to this stage.

We are very excited to announce the finalists list on Sunday after the Food Programme on our website ( and social media.

I have attached an image you can use if you would like to share the news as well.

Please include our hashtag #BBCFoodAwards and copy us in @bbcfoodprog.

Very best wishes,

Food and Farming Awards team

Griffiths Eggs are implementing much higher welfare standards into their large scale egg production using a new multi -tiered rearing facility where the hens can actively move around.

NEPA2021 Griffiths Family