“There will be very few poultry farmers that do not know Aled Griffiths! May he long continue to brighten and benefit our lives. An OBE.  And now a Lifetime Achievement Award. Well deserved.”

Aled Griffiths OBE is a name synonymous with being a driving force, likened to an aircraft carrier carrying the egg industry on his decks.  Encouraging huge cathartic changes that he has made possible, highlighting the need to move forward with haste, never dragging his feet. He has maintained this at full knots throughout his working life, never slowing down, still at his age of 92.

His strength is absorbed by his own sons, daughter and grandchildren, and countless students, scholars, family farm producers, farm workers and anybody who has been lucky enough to have come into contact with him; so Aled set centre stage at the 55th EPIC Egg Poultry Industry Conference and received the Lifetime Achievement Award, accompanied by his executive assistant daughter, Lyn Griffiths-Stalker, on 31st October.

Aled has generated a renaissance within this industry, shaping and influencing.  His raison d’être about animal welfare continues to be the most important thing for him and his family.  A committed influencer and a one-off man.

Born in Penmaenmawr, and following graduation from Aberystwyth University College of Wales, Aled and his late wife Olwen started farming in 1955 close to the Welsh border in Shropshire.  His career has been full of achievement and not always easily gained.  Hard work, many hard times, running through thick fogs and climbing brick walls and coming out the other side with a smile and great successes.

Aled has won many awards, including an OBE for his Services to the Poultry Industry in 1993. He received the International Egg Commission’s most prestigious award, the Denis Wellstead Memorial Trophy, for ‘The International Egg Person of the Year’ in 2018, together with the British Egg Industry’s highest award, the ‘Peter Kemp Award for Outstanding Contribution to the British Egg Industry’.  Earlier this year he received a Lifetime Achievement Award at the National Egg & Poultry Awards, together with the Poultry Business of the Year Award 2022 and Griffiths Family Farms were also finalists for the BBC Food and Farming Awards. 

He works with his family and staff and continues to travel, maintaining the sharing of research across the world, especially giving time to young students to encourage them into a new modern farming industry, dispelling its old cock’s crow muddy roots.

EPIC journey for Aled Griffiths OBE
EPIC journey for Aled Griffiths OBE

Aled with great humility was delighted to receive the EPIC award on Monday evening and said: “All the awards I have ever won have been exceedingly welcomed and this particular award means so much having come from the entire egg and poultry industry. I was thrilled to bits and was quite emotional. I have been lucky in my life as I have thoroughly enjoyed and continue to enjoy everything I do, particularly helping young people to succeed within the industry.”

Paying tribute Louise Long, UK Sales and marketing manager for Hy-Line International said: “Aled is a key pillar within the egg industry. He has dedicated his life to not only his family business but also progressing the industry as a whole. One of the things I admire most about Aled is his commitment to young people by always educating, supporting and encouraging the next generation to not only join but to thrive within this industry. It has been an honour to work with someone that is so passionate and who always conducts himself with grace whilst at the same time having a great sense of humour!A true gentleman and inspiration to all. Congratulations Aled.”

Jerry Glover from Elanco Animal Health said: “A hero or legend is someone who spends their whole life focusing on a greater cause than their own, epitomises this remarkable and unique person – he’s developed and coached. Encouraged and supported so many individuals. He’s built and been at the very buckeyes and centre of the egg industry for over 8 decades having reared his own chicks at 10 years old. He’s known globally by anyone who’s anyone in the egg sector – loved by all, especially his family which are at the centre of his daily thoughts. Still driving the business forward as we speak – he loves and is driven by innovation and innovative thinking – a creative, focused pioneer.

Loves his staff, children and grandchildren and has seen them grow through the generations – he’s built with his family a devoted and loyal passionate team at Oaklands as well as an amazing future orientated business at the forefront of ingenuity. He’s the head of the mountain – a place to where we all look, like Penmaenmawr !

Derek Kelly who was the only other recipient of this award said: “I have had the privilege of knowing and working alongside Aled for more than 50 years. Nearly always at meetings in London. He was fond of telling my wife that I had ‘Again not turned up at the last meeting’ Such was his sense of humour that made him so popular with fellow farmers. However, he was certainly serious in lobbying various authorities, when confronted with unacceptable regulations. This was recognised with Aled being honoured with an OBE. Well deserved. There will be very few poultry farmers that do not know Aled Griffiths! May he long continue to brighten and benefit our lives. An OBE.  And now a Lifetime Achievement Award. Well deserved.”