Sustainability Statement

Proud we can promise sustainability across the business.

Animal Welfare

Griffiths is founded on animal welfare with a strict an immoveable policy to produce the finest quality eggs. Oaklands eggs are totally traceable, just pure sensible farming under controlled procedures. This is seen and reflected in the abundance of awards they have received as true flag flyers of quality within the egg industry. They can promise sustainability.

Rain Water Harvesting

As rain falls from the sky Griffiths re-harvest it and keep it in reservoirs to prevent possible shortages, saving over usage of public water and feeding all the hens on a daily basis, increasing profitability. It also helps decrease flooding in the area and helps with soil erosion.

Centre of Excellence

They have held Health and Welfare Awards for poultry production for the last three years and are recognised as The Centre of Excellence for egg production around the world both in Shropshire and Ruabon.

Oaklands were awarded The Poultry Farmer of the Year Award for the UK, along with a Farm Business of the Year Award UK, giving total and tangible evidence of their commitment to reliable, honest British farming.

Oaklands Packing Stations

Having their own packing station ensures that eggs travel from hen to the packing station and can be out on the road to their customers in an hour. This means that customers get the maximum shelf life possible, as no time is lost in transporting eggs to a packer.

Technology in the packing station is the most up to date in the world and visitors from across the globe come to visit the farm to view and learn from the latest technology.

Low Carbon Footprint

Oaklands work and achieve an agricultural low carbon footprint, following sustainable crop production intensification (SCPI), summed up as ‘save and grow’. The present method of intensive crop production in the world cannot meet the challenges of the new millennium. Agriculture has to grow and therefore must learn to save. Oaklands have learnt to conserve and enhance natural resources. They use the manure to grow the crops that feed the chickens and demonstrate a complete recycle.

New Colony Production

Oaklands have invested in the build of the new colony production system that came into force in January 2012 as set out by the EU legislation and were already fully compliant and able to support the need for a value egg with no compromise to food safety, welfare and quality.

Internally Managed Transport

The farm has a team of 120 employees and does not rely on outside transport support. It has its own fleet of 18 arctic’s, fully managed and all traceable, providing better fuel economy with low emissions, achieving a low carbon footprint.

Clear Packaging

All pre packs for eggs are clear plastic, with a low carbon footprint, giving total visibility to the product without the need to open the packaging and tamper with the eggs. These packs prevent the seepage of any egg into the material and contaminating other eggs.  All Oaklands’ waste board, plastic and wood are all recycled.

Grade A British Lion Branded

All eggs are Grade A British Lion branded and not imported and we adhere strictly to the Lion Code of Practice for laying hens, feed and production.

Oaklands are UKAS and BRC accredited.

Muck Burner

The Griffiths family have opened an innovative new manure combustion unit which will power their site with renewable energy. It is the largest on-farm combined heat and power (CHP) litter burning unit in the world, producing 5MW of thermal energy and nearly 1MWe of electrical energy using 74 tonnes of layer manure per day from the farm.

Griffiths Family Farms Muck Burner
Griffiths Family Farms Muck Burner

Oaklands can guarantee the availability of their products into the future for their customers.