Our Product Line

We are committed to responding to the needs of our customers at every level by offering a flexible and wide range of shell egg products.

Products range from retail ready packs, to multiples of thirty egg foodservice trays for orders of larger quantities. Our high tech Moba grading machines enables us not only to provide a product of the highest quality free from defects such as dirt and cracks, it also enables us to grade eggs into different sizes offering products of small, medium, large, extra large and mixed weight eggs.

The range of products is constantly expanding including customer brand. Our current product range is displayed below.

Retail Packs

6 Egg – Griffiths offers a six egg pack in both free range and fresh varieties. We currently offer this pack in medium, large and very large sizes in cases of 12 and 16 dozen.

Griffiths Retail Egg Packs

12 Egg– Griffiths 12 egg pack in available in our fresh variety in medium, large and mixed egg weight pack (minimum egg weight).

This is currently offered in 12 and 16 dozen case units.

Griffiths Retail Egg Packs

15 Egg – Griffiths 15 egg pack is available in fresh and free range varieties. It is currently available in a mixed egg weight pack (minimum egg weight) in a 15 dozen case unit.

About Griffiths Family Farms

In order to offer top quality products, Griffiths offers its retail egg products in clear plastic packaging made from PET recycled and recyclable plastics. This material ensures hygienic conditions for the product whilst at the same time lowering the carbon foot print.

All Griffiths packing (whether Paper based or plastic) is made from recycled material and is 100% recyclable.

Birchgrove Free Range

Medium Class A – 53g-63g

Large Class A – 63g-73g

About Griffiths Family Farms

Very Large Class A – 73g+

About Griffiths Family Farms

Foodservice Product

In order to meet the needs of customers who require larger quantities not intended for retail sale we offer 30 egg pulp trays in fresh, barn egg and free range options. Trays of eggs are available in case sizes of 5, 15 and 30 dozen case units.