Join our flock!

As a producer ourselves, the Griffiths family understand the needs and challenges that producers face everyday. As we grow our Free Range business, we would like you to grow with us too. Come join our flock and become part of the family. 

Birds of a feather…

  • Fully financed pullets
  • Year round payments
  • Clear, flexible term contracts
  • AI top up insurance
  • Free Carbon-Footprinting & Poultec Training

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See below about the benefits of being a Griffiths Free Range Producer.

About Griffiths Family Farms

The benefits of being a Griffiths Free Range producer

About Griffiths Family Farms

Our Producers

We enjoy many long-term relationships with egg producers, many of which come from the Welsh Countryside.  Although we do travel further afield to collect eggs, we prefer to locations mainly in the central belt of the country as we know that food miles are important to our customers.

Like us, many of our producers are family-owned farms with a range of other livestock and arable farming interests.  Our Free Range experts are there to assist with challenges that producers face as well as conducting the necessary audits to ensure that farms continue to meet the highest of standards. All our producers’ farms are audited by the BEIC Lion Code with free-range, barn and organic farms are also certified by the RSPCA Freedom Food Scheme and Organic certification bodies.

Animal welfare, the environment  and good biosecurity is of paramount importance to our business.

Key benefits for producers

Well, there are lots of things that we can do to help, from sharing expertise, to group buying, but, money does make the world go around too.

We  have a range of grown-up initiatives that we believe will give new options for producers:

Competitive Pricing

This goes without saying… but we also don’t believe in a “Hi/Lo” approach. We believe in paying fair prices across the board… Feed Tracking models are now the norm in the industry and provide certainty that the egg price received is always related to market conditions.
Griffiths Free Range Producer
Griffiths Free Range Producer

Flexible contracts

We have a range of contract lengths on offer although we hope you will stay with us for the long term…if we are doing our job, why would you want to go anywhere else?

Planning support

If you want to go on the Free Range journey we can lend support, and we will contribute to 50% of your application costs.

Carbon foot printing (now a Lion Code requirement)

We’ve pledged to support the costs of this as well as staff training costs through Poultec training.

Pullet Finance

Pullets are a big financial outlay, so, we are taking a radical step, (and taking on the risk), by offering to buy pullets for our contracted producers.


AI risk

We have stepped up with a support fund which will bridge the financial gap should it ever be needed.


Flexible Payments

We can also take a different approach to payments…we can pay year-round, easing cash flow.

Griffiths Free Range Producer


As part of a range of benefits for being a Griffiths Free Range Producer, we are pleased to partner with Eggbase as a means of assessing Carbon Footprint on each farm…

Eggbase offers a carbon footprinting assessment tool, integrated into on-the-ground production software; rolled into one for ease of activity data collection and carbon footprinting output. This is unique in the egg and poultry industry. Carbon footprint scenarios help with Net Zero optimisation. In partnership with a leading solutions provider for corporate climate action, we offer cradle to customer plus end-of-life LCA.

If you are starting out, expanding, or just considering who you want to supply in the future, then come and speak to us.