Our Hens & Farms

Griffiths believe that in order for hens to prosper, they need a great start in life… that includes the right nutrients to help them grow coupled with the best environment tailored to their future.

Rearing Sites

Recently Griffiths have invested in a new multi-tier, RSPCA approved rearing facility at Perry Farm.

Here the young pullets quickly learn to fully utilize the different system levels and enjoy freedom to actively move around the house…just as they will during their laying barn.

About Griffiths Family Farms
About Griffiths Family Farms

Bird Welfare

Griffiths fully understand that animal welfare is the most fundamental requirement of a livestock system and the basis for their successful food business.

Our people are vital… they work closely on the ground with the hens each day and come to know the unique behavior of each flock.

Without healthy hens, we cannot provide quality eggs, so it is important that comprehensive daily checks are taken at farm level and monitored at every stage of production.  All units are fully controlled by alarmed monitored micro-processors which maintain air temperature, ventilation, air flow, lighting, water and feed usage.

Vaccination Programme

Griffiths do not believe in the excessive use of medicines and actively avoid antibiotics where possible.  However, to ensure food safety all birds follow a strict vaccination programme which is carefully implemented at chick stage.

Chicks are vaccinated against a range of diseases which include Newcastle disease, Salmonella and infectious bronchitis. This prevents diseases from occurring within flocks and reduces the need for any medication to be administered at a later point.

About Griffiths Family Farms
About Griffiths Family Farms

Laying Facilities

Griffiths provides a range of facilities to all of its birds but always has their welfare in mind.

In order to comply with the 2012 European Directive ban on all conventional caged production systems, the business invested in excess of £20 million on new, more welfare friendly systems.  Housed in 80 bird colony sections the design incorporates a range of special features which allow birds to express natural behaviour and includes perches, scratching plates, and nesting areas. The colony area allows birds to freely roam within their environment and offers space in excess of the 2012 legal requirement.

Griffiths has now pioneered new Barn systems which are expected to supply UK retailers as they deliver on commitments to go Cage Free in 2025.  These systems again are revolutionary, allowing unrestricted access for hens around their house.

New research undertaken with the Royal Veterinary College (RVC) and funded by the Griffiths family is now underway and will provide useful insight into bird behaviour in these systems.

Daily Food

All birds are fed on feed which has been delivered from dedicated Lion and UKAS Accredited mills. Birds are fed on an ad-lib basis to maintain bird health and high production levels.

About Griffiths Family Farms
About Griffiths Family Farms


Bio-security is a key factor in protecting the health of laying birds, preventing the spread of disease.

Rearing units offer a secure shower in shower out facilities in order to minimise disease transmission from external contaminants.

Laying units are fully secure from outside ingress such as wild birds and pests with foot dips continually used for all staff entering units.