Processed Egg Products

Alongside its shell product range, Griffiths Family Foods boasts the UK’s most modern egg processing facility offering customers a range of pasteurised egg products in bulk and bespoke formats in fresh, cage-free and free range varieties.

Processed Eggs

Our processed eggs are suitable for retail and foodservice customers such as bakeries, canteens and schools. Our product offers a wide range of benefits to customers:-

  • Guaranteeing the highest standards of food safety
  • British Lion Quality Approved
  • Shell and contaminant free
  • Offering convenient product quantities from 10kg up to 1 tonne pallecon and tankers
  • Separated yolks, whites and blends

Liquid Egg & Cooked Egg Products

Griffiths Family Foods manufacture both British Lion liquid egg and cooked egg products.

We supply a wide range of Liquid egg products including whole egg, liquid egg whites, liquid egg yolks, scrambled egg mix and numerous blended products in the following formats:

  • Gable Top Cartons – 250ml, 330ml, 500ml and 1 litre
  • ESL 10 KG Bag in a Box
  • Pallecons
  • Tankers

Our Cooked egg products include plain, cheese and high protein omelettes in multiple different sizes based on our customers’ requirements.

We also work with our customers to develop dishes tailored to their specific recipe specifications, made available in their own brand packaging too.

Griffiths family foods recent investments in our manufacturing facilities means that we can serve customers requiring small, as well as those needing larger volumes of many tonnes of product per week.

Ready Poached Eggs

Always adding value, Griffiths Family Foods are also proud to offer ready poached eggs for retail/and or foodservice use.

A great Lion egg product, easy to prepare and serve with a runny yolk – delicious.

Lion code of practice
Processed Egg Products

Liquid Egg Production Site

Griffiths Family Foods has a state of the art egg processing facility capable of producing a wide range of products including pallecons, tankers of whole and segregated products.

The business has a consistent supply of Lion quality eggs from in-house produced colony and barn supply as well as free range from a network of contracted family farmers.